Welcome New Stanford Interns!!!!

The Stanford Medicine 25 would like to welcome our new internal medicine interns! They have just been included to our list of subscribers, along with our seasoned residents and other subscribers throughout the world! The purpose of this blog is to provide periodic news, historical perspectives and emphasis on specific topics focusing on physical exam

Teaching the teachers… Our methods.

As we begin a new year at Stanford, we’re taking time to reassess our methods of teaching the physical exam. Yesterday we had a session with some wonderful faculty from the VA in Palo Alto who are committed to teaching the physical exam. We often get asked by teachers from various institutions the methods of

This Week’s Stanford 25 Session

This week, the Stanford 25 session discussed and demonstrated the cerebellar exam and examining visual fields. Visit our website site to learn more about the cerebellar exam. Also, this is a link to a wonderful and comprehensive chapter from DeMyer’s The Neurologic Examination. This chapter describes the cerebellar exam in wonderful detail!

Dr. Andrew Elder Visiting Stanford

We are delighted to have Dr. Andrew Elder visiting us from Edinburgh, Scotland for almost three months. He is a Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine for Older People at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh Medical School. Dr. Elder is currently here on

Abraham Verghese’s TED Talk: Over one million views!

Dr. Verghese was invited to speak at the TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2011. He spoke about the importance of the physical exam and how we physicians are in danger of losing the connection with our patients as we focus more on technology and the electronic medical record. To date, the video on the

Stanford Medicine 25 Clinical Pearl Award

This year, the medical student interest group created a “Clinical Pearl Award” that challenged medical students to create a clinical pearl through an essay, a step-by-step photo guide or a video demonstration. This first ever contest at Stanford was awarded to Shoa Clarke’s essay entitled “The internist’s vein” and The Flu Crew’s (narrated by Kelsey