Dr. Neil Schwartz Teaches the Neuro Exam

Dr. Neil Schwartz is a Stanford neurologist and the Program Director of Stanford’s Neurology Residency Program. Dr. Schwartz is an excellent teacher within the Stanford community and led this week’s Stanford 25 session on the neurology exam. Take Home Points from Dr. Schwartz: “Brain lesions, such as stroke, that affect the cortical-spinal tract: — Have

Dr. Rosenberg Teaches the Lymph Node & Spleen Exam

Dr. Saul Rosenberg was first recruited to Stanford in 1961 and was involved in the creation of our hospital’s first lymphoma program. Today, Dr. Rosenberg shared his years of experience to lead our Stanford Medicine 25 session on the lymph node and spleen exam. Take Home Point’s from Dr. Rosenberg: * Benign lymph nodes are

What’s in Doctor Verghese’s Lab Coat?

Its now just hours away from the weekend. On this Friday at Stanford (or wherever you’re reading this from), we’re sure you must be wondering: what does Dr. Verghese carry in his white coat when attending on rounds? No need to wonder anymore! Our recent Heinz award winner explains the answer to that question. *|YOUTUBE:h_HWs6kEyDk&feature=youtu.be|*

Abraham Verghese wins the Heinz Award

Congratulations to our own Dr. Abraham Verghese for receiving the 2013 Heinz Award for the Category of Arts and Humanities. The Heinz Award is widely considered to be one of the largest individual achievements in the world and includes an prize of $250,000. The Heinz Award was established in 1993 by Teresa Heinz in honor

Stanford 25 in Okinawa: 10 things learned about this beautiful island

This week, I have been given the opportunity to visit Okinawa and teach the Stanford 25 bedside exam. The residency program (called the Muribushi Okinawa Project) consists of 8 hospitals throughout Okinawa. I get to visit each hospital and conduct a 3 hour Stanford 25 session covering multiple topics. This Stanford-Japan exchange program is organized

Stanford Medicine 25 Faculty Training session at Western SGIM

We would like to thank those who attended the recent Stanford Medicine 25 Faculty Training session at Western SGIM. In this session, we shared our experiences with teaching the physical exam at the bedside. Our participants got into groups and came up with their own bedside teaching example to share with everyone. We hope this

Congratulations to our ACP Winners!

Every year the Society for the American College of Physicians (ACP) holds an annual regional conference for internal medicine physicians and residents. The meeting also consists of three contests: a medical jeopardy competition and two poster competitions: a clinical vignette category and research & quality improvement category. This past weekend our Stanford residents took first

An interesting illustration of the physical exam

An article was recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine using a cartoon to illustrate a doctor’s haunting history of misdiagnosis in a patient with respiratory distress. The article highlights the cause of this misdiagnosis from missing the physical exam finding. We can’t provide the full article but here’s a link to the Annals.

Stanford ENT Free Oral Screening November 2nd

Please read below and support our ENT colleagues as they about to have their second annual Stanford Free Oral Screening event! Oral cancer affects 40,000 new people each year and kills one life every hour in the United States. Many cases are preventable and can be linked to tobacco use, alcohol, HPV, and lack of

Website Reaches Half a Million Visitors!

The Stanford Medicine 25 website recently passed 500,000 total visits and 375,000 unique visits since our initial launch in February, 2012. We just wanted to thank everyone for all the support! We’ll be working hard to make our online resources and bedside teaching program stronger as we cross the next half million! Keep visiting us!