Announcing the Stanford 25 Skills Symposium

Calling all physician educators! Join John Kugler and Abraham Verghese and our core Stanford 25 team with guest faculty Dr. Steve McGee and Dr. Andrew Elder as we provide a 2-day course for physicians who teach or are interested in teaching at the bedside. Attendees will return to their institutions more confident at the bedside

The Flipped Patient

Many of us in the Program in Bedside Medicine are deeply involved in the medical students pre-clerkship curriculum. Each week the students interview hospitalized patients, perform physical exams, give presentations, followed by a written H&P note. These students enter the patient room with only pen and paper, as they have not yet gained access to

Abraham Verghese Interviews with Medscape’s Eric Topol

The leader of our Stanford 25 program, Abraham Verghese, recently sat down with Medscape’s Editor-In-Chief, Eric Topol. This interview was part a number of popular videos for a Medscape’s One-On-One series that is newly published today. In the video, Dr. Verghese discusses his early years, upcoming book and talks about his career path to becoming

Stanford 25 Website Passes One Million Visitors!

The purpose of the Stanford 25 is more than teaching the physical exam. The original calling that brought us all to medicine, and to the care of the sick resides to such a large degree in connecting with the patient, and in the interaction at the bedside. It is both important to the patient, and

Interview with Dr. Eric Topol (editor-in-chief of Medscape)

The editor-in-chief of Medscape, Dr. Eric Topol, visited Stanford to sit down and do an interview with our Dr. Vergese for the Medscape One-on-One online video series. During this visit I got to meet with him to ask him a few questions. Dr. Topal is a cardiologist, geneticist and researcher. He has also been a

Cultural Competence at the Bedside

By Damiana Andonova A clinician will encounter patients from all socio-economic strata, who speak foreign tongues and understand disease in ways that stand apart from the clinician’s own conceptions of disease etiology. Perhaps they might encounter a Hmong elderly who complains of a heavy heart. What physical exam does one perform? Their spiritual understanding of

Dr. Ahuja Leads a Stanford 25 Session on the Oral Exam

In our last Stanford 25 session, Dr. Neera Ahuja led a session on the oral exam. In this session, she talked about important findings of the oral exam for the internist that include abnormal findings of the tongue, buccal mucosa and salivary glands. A few take-home points from Dr. Ahuja include: · A comprehensive examination

Dr. Barry Teaches the Exam of the Foot and Ankle

Thank you to Dr. Michele Barry for leading the Stanford 25 session last week on the foot and ankle exam. Residents were taught the basics of the exam and then practiced on each other. Dr. Barry trained in Rheumatology at Yale and now serves as the Director of the Johnson & Johnson Global Health Scholars

Art and Observation: Stanford 25 Trip to the Cantor Art Museum on Stanford Campus

Recently, the Stanford Medicine 25 team met with Drs. Yeuen Kim, Lars Osterberg and colleagues for a presentation on “Rodin and Physical Examination Skills: Formal Art Education to Improve Visual Observation” at the Stanford University Cantor Museum. In her presentation, Dr. Kim introduced us to the field of medical humanities, and described the many outcomes

Dr. Singh Teaches the Exam of Low Back Pain and Hip Pain

At the last Stanford 25 session, Dr. Baldeep Singh taught the exam of low back pain and hip pain. Dr. Singh is the Clinical Chief of the Stanford Internal Medicine Clinic. Below are some take-home points for the session. When a patient complains of lower back pain, buttock pain, hip pain, etc, the physical exam