Remember this finding???

We recently had a Stanford Medicine 25 session where our interns and students were shown various nail findings. The picture shown below is called a Half and Half Nail (or Lindsay’s Nail). As the name implies, Half and Half Nails are hallmarked by separate and almost even halfs with one half more pale than the

Using Google Glass to Examine the Hand with Dr. Verghese

We got our hands on a Google Glass and Dr. Verghese used it to describe how he likes to begin his exam of a patient with the hand. Watch this video to get a first-person perspective of the Examination of the Hand with Abraham Verghese. *|YOUTUBE:_g4wNHIlaTY|*

Do you know what this is???

This finding is seen in people with low albumin such as in patients with liver failure and severe malnutrition. This finding is called Terry’s nails. Keep a look out for this as it’s very common!!! Visit our Hand in Diagnosis page to learn more about physical findings of the hand!