What’s the Mass in the Neck?

A 21 year old Japanese male is presenting with a mass in his neck he finds incidentally. The mass is best seen on the right side of his neck when he turns his head to the left. The picture denotes a change upon swallowing. What is his diagnosis and workup? (Scroll down to see answer)

Dr. Neil Gesundheit Teaches the Thyroid Exam this Week

Thank to our endocrine specialist, Dr. Neil Gesundheit, for leading our Stanford Medicine 25 session this week on the thyroid exam! Read below to learn some tips about the thyroid exam directly from Dr. Gesundheit. Be sure to visit our thyroid page to learn more. Thyroid exam tips from Dr. Gesundheit: (1) Position the patient

If you put your stethoscope over this, what will you hear?

Okay, so if we simply ask you what this is you’ll say a thyroid goiter. We knew you’re too smart for that! But how about if you listen over the mass? What might you hear and in what disease (or diseases) might you hear it? You may hear a thyroid bruit. A thyroid bruit is