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Pathognomonic Signs and Metaphors of the Gynecologic Exam

By Damiana Andonova Here we share memorable metaphors and pathognomonic signs, some of which are fruit and cheese metaphors in their own right. This is not mean to be an exhaustive list, but rather a reminder of the many interesting observations that can be made during a physical exam. We begin with the peau d’orange

Cultural Competence at the Bedside

By Damiana Andonova A clinician will encounter patients from all socio-economic strata, who speak foreign tongues and understand disease in ways that stand apart from the clinician’s own conceptions of disease etiology. Perhaps they might encounter a Hmong elderly who complains of a heavy heart. What physical exam does one perform? Their spiritual understanding of

Dr. Ahuja Leads a Stanford 25 Session on the Oral Exam

In our last Stanford 25 session, Dr. Neera Ahuja led a session on the oral exam. In this session, she talked about important findings of the oral exam for the internist that include abnormal findings of the tongue, buccal mucosa and salivary glands. A few take-home points from Dr. Ahuja include: · A comprehensive examination

What Can Doctors Learn from Narrative Medicine?

By Damiana Andonova Much like how the Stanford Medicine 25 is an initiative to revive the culture of bedside medicine, narrative medicine is a defense for the practice of medicine with narrative competence… Patient-centered care is an important aspect of the National Strategy for Quality Improvement on Health Care. As such, healthcare institutions are strongly