Archives for March 2014

Dr. Rosenberg Teaches the Lymph Node & Spleen Exam

Dr. Saul Rosenberg was first recruited to Stanford in 1961 and was involved in the creation of our hospital’s first lymphoma program. Today, Dr. Rosenberg shared his years of experience to lead our Stanford Medicine 25 session on the lymph node and spleen exam. Take Home Point’s from Dr. Rosenberg: * Benign lymph nodes are

Dr. Mindie Nguyen Provides Advice on the Abdominal Exam

Thank you to Dr. Mindie Nguyen, one of our wonderful Stanford gastroenterologists and liver specialists, for teaching our last Stanford 25 session on the abdominal exam. Dr. Nguyen focused on practical methods of diagnosing liver and spleen enlargement. She provides us with some follow-up tips when conducting the exam of the abdomen: “Prior to palpating

What’s in Doctor Verghese’s Lab Coat?

Its now just hours away from the weekend. On this Friday at Stanford (or wherever you’re reading this from), we’re sure you must be wondering: what does Dr. Verghese carry in his white coat when attending on rounds? No need to wonder anymore! Our recent Heinz award winner explains the answer to that question. *|YOUTUBE:h_HWs6kEyDk&|*