Archives for February 2014

Abraham Verghese wins the Heinz Award

Congratulations to our own Dr. Abraham Verghese for receiving the 2013 Heinz Award for the Category of Arts and Humanities. The Heinz Award is widely considered to be one of the largest individual achievements in the world and includes an prize of $250,000. The Heinz Award was established in 1993 by Teresa Heinz in honor

Stanford 25 Session: Shoulder Exam with Mark Genovese

Thank you to Dr. Genovese for leading last week’s Stanford 25 session on the shoulder exam. Dr. Genovese emphasized technique and the importance of the exam of the shoulder over imaging. He says the following: “Visualize, palpate, active range of motion, passive range of motion, assess rotator cuff against resistance, assess for impingement. Value of

Stanford 25 in Okinawa: 10 things learned about this beautiful island

This week, I have been given the opportunity to visit Okinawa and teach the Stanford 25 bedside exam. The residency program (called the Muribushi Okinawa Project) consists of 8 hospitals throughout Okinawa. I get to visit each hospital and conduct a 3 hour Stanford 25 session covering multiple topics. This Stanford-Japan exchange program is organized

Stanford Medicine 25 Faculty Training session at Western SGIM

We would like to thank those who attended the recent Stanford Medicine 25 Faculty Training session at Western SGIM. In this session, we shared our experiences with teaching the physical exam at the bedside. Our participants got into groups and came up with their own bedside teaching example to share with everyone. We hope this