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Patient has this new skin finding, what should you worry about?

This is an actual cause of a patient who presented to Stanford Hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia. He had this skin finding present throughout both of his legs. What should you be worried about? This patient has livedo reticularis. This can be a sign of severe bacteremia and possible sepsis. This patient was later

Stanford 25: Approach to Tremor

Using a Google Glass, we filmed a patient with tremor who was admitted to Stanford Hospital. In this video, we aim to provide you an overview of the approach your patient with tremor. *|YOUTUBE:myQdK6BuBws|*

Congratulations to our ACP Winners!

Every year the Society for the American College of Physicians (ACP) holds an annual regional conference for internal medicine physicians and residents. The meeting also consists of three contests: a medical jeopardy competition and two poster competitions: a clinical vignette category and research & quality improvement category. This past weekend our Stanford residents took first