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Teaching the teachers… Our methods.

As we begin a new year at Stanford, we’re taking time to reassess our methods of teaching the physical exam. Yesterday we had a session with some wonderful faculty from the VA in Palo Alto who are committed to teaching the physical exam. We often get asked by teachers from various institutions the methods of

Do you know Marcus Gunn?

Robert Marcus Gunn was a Scottish physician from the 1800’s. He studied under other well known physicians such at Douglas Argyll Robertson. Dr. Gunn is known for the Marcus Gunn pupil (AKA relative afferent pupillary defect or RAPD). The Marcus Gunn pupil can be detected by swinging a flashlight between both eyes. Of course, normally,

Abdominal Wall Pain

Ever take care of a patient with abdominal wall pain? Sure you have (or will)! Don’t miss diagnosing pain coming from the abdominal wall with this simple and quick exam maneuver! *|YOUTUBE:p0lZSa_IFu0|*