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11 Facts About Sir William Osler

Sir William Osler, known by many as the “Father of modern medicine” pioneered aspects of medicine that still greatly affect today’s physician. Here we list 11 important facts about Dr. Osler that every physician should know. 1. Osler was one of four professors whose names are associated with the founding of the Johns Hopkins. The

Ankle Brachial Index

Here is a video on how to perform a good Ankle Brachial Index Measurement:  

Know your tremor?

Here’s a review of the various types of tremors that we often see. It’s important to understand what diseases are associated with a given type (test) of tremor. (Click to enlarge the image.)  

Measuring Central Venous Pressure with the Arm

In this video, we show how to use a patient’s arm veins to estimate the central venous pressure.   *|YOUTUBE:_QR9_pFt-Yk|*